Celebration – Active Women’s Health Physiotherapy is Growing

Announcing Active Women’s Health Physiotherapy has acquired Sue Croft Physiotherapy to build stronger pelvic health and wellbeing services for our community We are thrilled to let you all know about this development. Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy led by John and Nicole Fitzgerald has bought Sue Croft Physiotherapy, to create a new pelvic health hub of excellence […]

News alert – the toilet seat may be cleaner than your mobile phone!

According to John Oxford, professor of virology at the University of London and chair of the Hygiene Council – “The average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.” Many women will hover over public toilets in fear of nasty germs and bacteria. According to research, the non-porous surface of a public toilet […]

Are you preparing for your baby’s birth?

Are you preparing for your baby’s birth? As a pregnant woman, by now you’ve probably heard a little, hopefully a lot, about your pelvic floor muscles. If not, they are a group of muscles that keep us continent and support our pelvic organs against gravity and the mother-load. Pelvic floor muscles are important in delivery […]

Active Presents at the Australian Physiotherapy Association National Conference

APA Focus Conference 2o22 Active are extremely proud of our team members who presented at the recent APA National Advisory Council meeting and the APA Business and Leadership conference, APA Focus 2022. After a two year Covid hiatus, it was great for our team to reconnect with some old friends and establish some new relationships. […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is Breast Cancer awareness month. At Active we’re proud to work within a multidisciplinary team at the Mater Private Hospital, to provide holistic care for those undergoing treatment after a breast cancer diagnosis. With our unique ‘Connected Care’ approach, our physios expertly support patients throughout […]

The Mater People Awards

The Mater People Awards, 2022 The Mater People Awards were held earlier in the month and our Active Inpatient Rehabilitation Team at Springfield shared in the winning of the award for Contribution to Clinical Excellence (Team). The team was nominated based on its management of orthopaedic fractures (placed in the […]

Online Video Consultations & Telehealth – Safe, Effective and Convenient

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy have for many years recognised the advantages of telehealth services for our patients. We have been delivering online physiotherapy consultations since 2016. We use World Leading Telehealth Software We deliver our online video consultations via PhysiApp, a leading application, now used in over 100 countries worldwide. […]

Acupuncture ‘vs’ Dry Needling: Pulling the pin on the myths

One question new patients frequently ask is, “Do you do acupuncture?” Straight away, the physiotherapist finds themself at the pointy end of a conversation. For the common part, physiotherapists practice ‘dry needling’, which is a sub-type of acupuncture. Both…

NEWS RELEASE – Top Quality Physio Practice Awarded Accreditation

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy has been recognised for the quality and safety of their service with the award of accreditation by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). QIP is Australia’s most comprehensive not-for-profit accreditation organisation, dedicated to delivering accreditation…