Are you preparing for your baby’s birth?

Are you preparing for your baby’s birth?

As a pregnant woman, by now you’ve probably heard a little, hopefully a lot, about your pelvic floor muscles. If not, they are a group of muscles that keep us continent and support our pelvic organs against gravity and the mother-load.

Pelvic floor muscles are important in delivery

This important group of muscles not only need to be strong but also need to relax to allow us to fully empty our bladder and bowel… and allow the passage of baby’s head through the pelvic outlet during the second or ‘pushing’ phase of labour.

Recent research tells us that around a 1/3 of women have difficulty coordinating this relax and in fact may incorrectly contract their pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to a longer second stage, higher foetal head position and possible increased risk of instrumentation.

Book an appointment with a pelvic health Physio

Put your health and your baby’s first and book in with your pelvic health Physiotherapists to check the strength and coordination of your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for birth.

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