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Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy.

Our commitment

We have an ‘Active Approach’ to patient management that sets us apart and enhances positive outcomes for our patients. This approach incorporates tailored, progressive exercise programs, designed to help each individual achieve their life, work and sporting physical performance goals. To promote this, our practices incorporate well equipped gymnasiums in our treatment areas – making us different to many physiotherapy practices.

  • Our clients perform Active exercise for rehabilitation, ongoing self-management and prevention.
  • Our clients are fully informed and Actively involved in their treatment.
  • We provide only an appropriate number of treatments.
  • We facilitate Active patient education.
  • We are customer focused and outcome orientated.
  • We actively support the ongoing leaning and development of our team to ensure you receive the highest quality evidence-based care.
  • We have a proven track record. Our practice was established in 1986 and continues to grow due to our Active approach.

At Active, we have a unique ‘Connected Care’ approach. Our physiotherapy team expertly support you from diagnosis, throughout your treatment and recovery – in hospital, in our clinics or through our online services.

Our story

John Fitzgerald commenced his physiotherapy career in 1983 at the Mater Public Hospital in South Brisbane. After gaining experience in adults and children’s medical, surgical and orthopaedic management, he established a small solo practice in 1986 on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane. John was passionate about creating an ‘active’ approach to physiotherapy, which was different to the traditional and passive physiotherapy management models observed at the time. His philosophy resulted in early success and an outstanding reputation as a clinician and practice owner.

John’s success and dedication extended outside his practice. He helped establish Brisbane’s first multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centres within the Australian Sports Medicine Clinic and the Brisbane Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic in 1989. He also developed physiotherapy-based Back Clinic Programs in some of Brisbane’s elite private hospitals during this time.

An expert and enthusiastic team continued to gather around him. John established Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in the Mater Hospital South Brisbane precinct in 1993 and settled into its current home within the Mater Medical Centre in South Brisbane in 1998.

With John at the helm, the Active Rehabilitation team has grown from strength to strength and represents our continued commitment to excellence in physiotherapy. To share this commitment, Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy developed a partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2008 to offer the first full-time Physiotherapy Clinical Educator position in private practice. Our Clinical Educators provide clinical placements for final year physiotherapy students from the University of Queensland. Active Rehabilitation coordinate these clinical placements in our Brisbane practices year-round and offer an annual multi-disciplinary immersion in East Timor. In 2011, to make our services more available to the broader Brisbane community, Active opened a second practice in Annerley in conjunction with UQ Health Care, further strengthening our relationship with the University of Queensland.


Also in 2011, Mater Health Services announced its commitment to meet the growing health care needs of our community and to bring specialist health care to the people. Due to our long and successful partnership with the Mater Private Hospital, Active was proud to be invited to be part of this expansion, to deliver high level, multi-disciplinary health care to a broader community. Our physiotherapy services in the Mater Health Centre Hope Island commenced in early 2012 and the Mater Health Centre Brookwater in early 2013.

In 2014, the Mater Centre for Neurosciences was established, with a solid commitment to investment in state-of-the-art technology, education and research. From one dedicated location, the Mater Centre for Neurosciences was designed to meet the specific needs of patients and their families for specialist care for stroke, epilepsy, neurosurgery, neurology and spinal surgery. Our Active Rehab team works together with surgeons, physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals to provide the highest level of care for in-hospital and outpatient Mater Centre for Neurosciences patients.

Our partnership with Mater Health Services was further enhanced in 2014 when we were invited to coordinate allied health services within the Mater Private Hospital Springfield. Mater Private Hospital Springfield is a unique, innovative and contemporary hospital, providing holistic healthcare to the Greater Springfield community. 

We are now uniquely positioned across several hospital campuses and outpatient clinics, affording us the opportunity to provide what we call a ‘Connected Care’ approach.  We recognised that we had the privilege of providing seamless care across our patients’ journey from pre-surgery to late stage rehabilitation. We have therefore built systems and employed technologies to enable our large team to provide ‘Connected Care’ to those undergoing surgeries such as joint replacement, back or neck surgery, gynaecological surgery and even surgery for prostate and breast cancer. We now offer our patients pre-operative online video consultations to help them get ready for surgery; physiotherapy care in hospital, check-in  phone calls after patients leave hospital, partnered post-operative clinics with surgeons and comprehensive outpatient physiotherapy services in our clinics. We have had great success with the introduction of a customised exercise and Telehealth App, PhysiApp for our patients.  This has enabled us to provide our patients with an ongoing connection with their physiotherapist through all phases of their care.

With further Active Rehabilitation development anticipated, our future is exciting. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Accredited physiotherapy practice

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy has achieved accreditation from Quality in Practice (QIP) in recognition that we have met standards set by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

Voluntary participation in the Practice Accreditation Program means that our practice has been examined and assessed against a set of agreed standards. This commitment demonstrates a deep commitment and concern for quality patient care and our willingness to be accountable—to the profession, other health professionals, and the public.

Accreditation status is granted to a practice when it demonstrates the standards set by the association have been met. These standards include quality of care, client confidentiality, practice management and staff qualifications.

QIP Chair, Dr John Aloizos, said achieving accreditation demonstrates that the practice makes a significant investment in quality on a day-to-day basis from the top down.

‘Accreditation is a major achievement and a clear demonstration that Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy is constantly striving to improve their level of service to their clients and the community,’ Dr Aloizos said. ‘Practices seek accreditation through QIP because they want to be the best, and this is another step towards excellence.’